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At Tour de Bon Ton we offer a look behind the scenes of a sex club. During the tour we guide you through the building, we show you rooms and we tell you about prostitution in Amsterdam. We also provide insight into the working methods of the ladies within the rooms.

The stories told during the tour are personal stories and partly based on real experiences of the tour guides. At Tour de Bon Ton we offer complete transparency and visitors therefore also have ample opportunity to ask questions.

Every visitor to Tour de Bon Ton has an idea of ​​what a sex worker is. You will also notice this in the questions that are asked. They are therefore surprised if it can also be different than originally thought.

“When one thinks of a sex worker, it is automatically assumed that you have been forced into the world. Or that as a sex worker you have no rights. That you have to do everything the customer wants. That you can’t think for yourself or take care of yourself.”

My experiences

These are all things that I do not recognize as a former sex worker. Not with myself and not with the girls I worked with at the time. It was just the opposite. You’d be surprised how little sex you actually have or how short the sex part can be. That’s the reason I decided to work at Tour de Bon Ton and tell my story. So that we can illuminate the other side of this mysterious world.

I myself have worked as a sex worker for 8 years, for a high-class escort agency and at various luxury sex clubs in the Netherlands. Mainly at Club LV. I entered the world because the escort business intrigued me enormously. How it all started, I’ll tell you next time.

Sex work meant adventure, excitement, fun, family and being in control for me.

because you experience the most crazy, weird, bizarre, fun things.

because sex work is exciting.

oooh we laughed together! The best moments were in the dressing room when all the stories were shared. Or dance together in the bar and have a party.

the girls and staff at Club LV felt like family. After all, you see each other very often and you experience special adventures together.

In control:
as a sex worker I was very in control. For me, the acting and role I played depended on the guy I was with. But once I was with my client, I determined what happened. I used my sensuality to determine that. And I was very confident.

Was it all roses and moonshine? No definitely not! Were there difficult moments? Well really! Were there scary moments? Sure!! Did you have to be strong in your stilettos? Oh hell yes! But it was a hysterical adventure that has been a big part of my life.

Everyone around me knows that I have been in this world. My mother, daughter, my husband, friends. At least all the people who are important to me. It’s something I’m not ashamed of, so I don’t want to lie about it. It is a world that I consciously stepped into and which I look back on without regrets and with a smile.

And I will share my fun, crazy, exciting, sad, scary and also luxurious adventures with you on the Tour de Bon Ton blog.

Love, Jennifer



Meet Jennifer! The lady behind the blogs of Tour de Bon Ton. Jennifer worked part-time in the industry for eight years. In these blogs, she shares her experiences as a sex worker.

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