Activities in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a gorgeous destination and every year it attracts millions of dutch and foreign tourists, here to admire all that the city has to offer. A weekend getaway, a boat trip through the canals, or a visit to the lively Jordaan district. Whatever your plan may be, Red Light District should always be on your list. This part of Amsterdam became in time part of the city’s DNA, sparking everyone’s curiosity about what is it like behind the doors of a sex worker. At the Tour de BonTon, we give you the unique opportunity to find out.

Unique experience

Are you ready for this unique Amsterdam experience? Our tour hosts are themselves experts in the sex industry, for you to get to know everything about the life of a sex worker. Come visit us and get the answers to all those questions you always wanted to ask a ex-sex worker. In addition, we have created QR codes throughout the building that you can scan yourself to learn more about a particular topic!

Amsterdam and the history of prostitution since the ‘70s

The history of prostitution in Amsterdam has a long history. Since Amsterdam is an important trading port, its prostitution history dates back to the 14th century. The Tour starts a bit later in history, and it shows how closely intertwined the Red Light District and Amsterdam are.

The Tour tells a story that starts in the 1970s when Amsterdam. Come listen to this story yourself. After all, a good story is even better if you completely immerse yourself in it.

Museum tour through a real sex club

Our club recently opened its doors to act as a museum during the day. Here, you’ll hear stories you won’t hear anywhere else. Learn about all the ins and outs of prostitution in Amsterdam. Let our hosts take you through the changes that Amsterdam’s sex industry has gone through, and listen to funny, weird, and interesting stories that only the real insiders of the industry can know about. Come visit us at Stadhouderskade 64-1 in Amsterdam!


Do you want to come to visit us and are looking for the best offer? The best place to order the tickets for our tour is at On our website, you can book the tour with a €1,50 discount!

Advantages of Tour de BonTon

  1. An ex-sex worker as a host
  2. A tour of a real high-end strip club and sex club
  3. A journey through the entire building
  4. Ask questions about a day in the life of the ladies of pleasure
  5. Learn about Amsterdam’s prostitution and its history


Capacity: 20

Time: 60 min

Age: 18+

Price: € 21,- 19,50

60 min