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From the moment I started selling my photo sets and videos through adult sites, I created my own content on a monthly basis.
Since we have quite a lot of holidays, or special days, here in the Netherlands, it is not that difficult to shoot content with a theme.

Let’s go back to the year 2009. At that time I was living in Zandvoort, with a colleague of mine. Together we worked in her apartment. We each had our own client base because we were two totally different types of providers.

We came up with the idea to plan a photo shoot for Christmas. And Ramona had a genius idea: We invited one of her clients to play Santa Claus.

Some weeks passed, but that gave us plenty of time to do the shopping for the photoshoot.

On the day of the shoot, we woke up early, because we had to completely transform her living room into a Christmas setting.
After a few hours we were ready and the result was great!

The whole room was white, there was a Christmas tree, fake snow, candycanes, a sleigh and even a small wood stove.
We’d put on our sexiest Christmas outfits and the client was hoisted up in a Santa costume. We had so much fun that afternoon, always creating new situations, including:

– Santa on hands and knees in front of the sleigh, Ramona on the sleigh with a whip in her hand and me laughing at Santa
– On Santa’s lap as a sexy Christmas elf
– I open my Christmas jacket and Santa disappears under it, between my breasts

I think you can now imagine how the pictures turned out.

So I actually did a Christmas themed shoot every year, fun to do and you can send them to your fans, friends, (some) family members and your business associates.

The funny and sexy Christmas card



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