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Working in the sex industry also means that you have to be alert at all times. And especially if you work as an escort.

If you work in a sex club, the situation is relatively safe. That of course depends on the club where you work. At Club LV and Club Bon Ton you have emergency buttons in every room. Just in case…. Even though as a girl you feel quite safe in these clubs, it is still nice that the emergency buttons are present in the rooms. What also plays a role in a safe situation is that security personnel are present at both locations. Fortunately, most of the girls who work in this business are feisty girls who can really stand up for themselves. In addition, they take good care of each other.

But as an escort you don’t have these conveniences and you have to trust your own intuition. As an escort, I was always taken to my destination by the driver. If this was at a hotel, you were obliged to report to the reception. It is important for the agency and the hotel itself that they are aware of your presence. This in connection with calamities. Once in the room with the customer, you must immediately handle the finances. Then you had to contact the agency by phone to report that everything was in order. Only after you called in did the driver leave. If you didn’t call in on time, the agency would contact you.

And so it happened one time that I also got into a situation where I didn’t dial in on time.

The driver took me to a client at the Okura Hotel. The agency had already informed me that it was a returning customer. Once there, I first registered myself neatly and then went to his hotel room. Once the door opened, I could already tell from the customer that he was under the influence. I walked in anyway. The first thing I always did when escorting a client was to open the bathroom door. I did this to check whether the customer was actually alone. The customer turned out to be alone, so it was time to handle the finances. Then the trouble started. He refused to pay because he wanted to see me naked first. All I thought was, “Are we getting this again?!” I kindly explained that, this was not the way things were and as he was a returning customer, he should be aware of this.

The customer started yelling at me.

I indicated that I was not pleased and that I was leaving again. He quickly stood in front of the door so I couldn’t leave and demanded to see me naked. Also as an escort you have to be able to switch quickly and since that was the only entrance door, I already switched to plan b in my mind.

During my escort work I always wore very high stilettos without straps around the ankle. This was a conscious choice, because I never knew what situation I could end up in and I wanted to be able to protect myself at all times. While the client was yelling at me and I was working out my plan B at length in my mind, my phone rang. It was the agency. Because of the commotion I forgot to call in, so she called me.

After explaining the whole story to the operator, she wanted to speak to the customer. I handed my mobile to the customer and as I spoke I saw him slide away from the door. I seized my chance, yanked open the door and ran outside. Then I realized he still had my cell phone. I ran back, snatched my cell phone from his hand, yelled motherfucker and ran downstairs. I remember he looked at me very confused. He was, of course, under the influence.

Once downstairs I walked past the reception to make a report about this customer. I did this to prevent that he would call another escort and she would end up in the same situation with perhaps a different outcome. When I walked out and looked back I saw the hotel security going upstairs. Fortunately it all went well. But that was the first and last time I didn’t listen to my intuition.

Love, Jennifer



Meet Jennifer! The lady behind the blogs of Tour de Bon Ton. Jennifer worked part-time in the industry for eight years. In these blogs, she shares her experiences as a sex worker.

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