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One of the most frequently asked questions during the tour is: What is the most you made in one night and how did it go?

I was about 26 years old and by now working with one of my best friends of the time. We went from club to private house and vice versa.

At one point we were working at a high end club in Amsterdam. We had been working there for a while. It was a Thursday night and we entered the bar, having changed clothes and made up.

Within an hour a customer came in, who was very amicable. He ordered a couple of bottles of champagne for all the ladies present. In no time he indicated, that he would like to go to the room with a few girls, eight in total. Since there were so many of us, we went to the VIP room.

Once there, music was turned on and his private party began.
All the ladies were dancing and drinking nicely. I meanwhile sat down with our client, to chat.

Final score: I went home with €7.500 that night, without having sex.

I asked him where he was from, why he was in Amsterdam and why he had decided to come to this club. He was from the Middle East, was here on business and had heard about our club from a business partner.
He also immediately indicated that he was not here for sex, but just to have a good evening.
Of course, we have experienced clients more often who just want to talk or cuddle, but that is often one on one.

We spent a total of 8 hours in the room with him. We drank a lot of champagne, partied, danced. Occasionally he also liked to see some girl on girl action and he tipped well for that. All in all, we had a tremendously fun evening.

Final score: I went home with €7500 that night, without having sex.



Meet Angel! The lady behind the blogs of Tour de Bon Ton. Angel worked in the industry for twenty years. In these blogs, she shares her experiences as a sex worker.

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