Sexclub Tour

In Amsterdam there are endless tours that you can book. A walking tour through the city, a bike tour to see Amsterdam’s highlights, a food tour and so on… But there is a unique tour that is missing in this list of tours…

Sexclub Tour: introducing Tour de Bonton

One of the most unique and exclusive tours in Amsterdam that can be booked recently is Tour de Bonton. Tour de Bonton gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Amsterdam’s most famous sexclub. A tour that you cannot skip when you are in Amsterdam, because it is part of Amsterdam’s history. Amsterdam is namely famous for its legal prostitution. Prostitution in Amsterdam is nearly as old as the city itself and The Red Light District is visited frequently by tourists. Sexclubs are frequently visited in Amsterdam and are therefore an indispensable part of the city. Although not everyone will visit a sex club, most are curious about what a sex club looks like and about the stories. Therefore we got the best tour for you!

Sexclub Tour: the real thing

Recently the Bonton is open for visitors in daytime. Seeing an actual sexclub and learning about the life of sex worker is really the real thing. You can have conversations and ask everything you wanted to know. This amazing tour give you the opportunity to unravel the mysterious side of Amsterdam’s sexclub. You may visit each room, the bar, poles and much more! Are you ready for this once in a lifetime experience? 

Looking for cheap tickets to visit Amsterdam’s most popular sexclub in a tour?

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The benefits of visiting Tour de Bonton in Amsterdam:

  • Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Amsterdam’s best strip- and sex club. During this super interesting Amsterdam brothel tour, a sex worker will guide you through a beautiful and exclusive brothel.
  • Learn about prostitution in Amsterdam and its history
  • Get the chance to start a conversation with our employees, ask questions and experience a day in the life of a working girl.
  • Get to know the enchanting character of our building.
  • Complete your Amsterdam experience. Have a story to tell when you go back home!
  • Buy your tickets online & skip the line!