Discover Amsterdam’s best kept secret on a sex and strip club tour you won’t forget

Do you want to peel back the velvet curtains and get the low-down of a high-end sex club? Go beyond skin deep and discover a hidden world on this exclusive sex and strip club tour in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is home to the world’s most famous red-light district. And prostitution has existed for almost as long as the city itself. If you think Amsterdam’s sex industry is all about women in lingerie behind red-lit windows, old-school sex theaters and peep shows, think again. There’s so much more. 

Beyond the red light district, Amsterdam is home to a handful of sex and strip clubs away from the gaze of gawking tourists.

Tucked between the Heineken Experience and canal cruise pickup points, there’s BonTon. At night, it opens its doors to pleasure seekers and high rollers who come to enjoy Amsterdam’s most electric and erotic live entertainment. Sultry dancers on sky-high pumps thrust to sexy beats on the poles as champagne freely flows. Upstairs in the VIP suites, business meets pleasure for those who hunger for more at a price tag most can’t afford. By day, this seductive world of secrecy is yours to explore – without breaking the bank.

Every year, Tour de BonTon welcomes thousands of visitors to experience what millions of tourists don’t get to see in the red-light district. For the first time, step inside the most exquisite sex and strip club in Amsterdam and discover what it’s like to work and play there with an insider who spills it all. 

Not Your Average Sex and Strip Club Tour

Imagine walking through the doors of a discreet canal house next to an art supplies shop. A neon sign of a woman wrapped around a pole hangs above your host who greets and guides you upstairs. She pours you a drink of your choice, and you sit together in ruby-red velvet booths, huddled around a stripper pole, and enjoy a no-holds-barred conversation about sex work in Amsterdam. Then, the big reveal. She’s a former sex worker. At Tour de BonTon, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. How much do the ladies make?Who are their clients? What were some of her wildest adventures? You get to ask her all your burning questions. But that’s not all. Learn about how the club started and how it works today. And discover the tricks of the trade as you journey through spaces that few get to enter – from the dressing room to the VIP suites, where fantasies come alive. 

Discover The Naked Truth

Sex work is a touchy subject with a bad reputation that’s often misunderstood. Ever wondered why someone would choose the world’s oldest profession and what it feels like to be a sex worker? This sex and strip club tour is your chance to get a candid perspective of the realities of prostitution. It’s like Quora live – raw and unfiltered. Ask us anything. By giving former sex workers the platform to share their experiences, our goal is to dispel the myths and misconceptions of sex work, one story at a time. 


The Tour de BonTon Experience


  • Learn about the history of the club and how it works today

Since the 1970s, the beautiful building that houses BonTon today has been home to strip and sex clubs like Club Hemelbed, Four Roses and Société Anonyme. For the first time, Tour de BonTon takes the hush-hush out of the “Hustlers” underbelly and invites you to discover the secrets of a strip and sex club – from the inside out. Learn about the evolution of the premise and how BonTon rolls today. 

  • Explore the building

Go behind the scenes of Amsterdam’s most high-end sex and strip club and tour the entire building. It’s your playground. Spanning five storeys of a classic canal house, every room has a story to tell and is yours to discover. This partly-self-guided experience takes you everywhere from the exquisite champagne bar and strip section to the VIP suites where pleasure is served and the dressing room where the women transform themselves into ladies of the night. From sex toys to safety measures, learn about how things work with fun and informative videos. If you feel frisky, take a spin on the pole and pose away. 

  • Have an open conversation with an ex-sex worker

Forget everything you think you know and get to the bottom of Amsterdam’s sex industry with someone who’s seen it all. On this intimate sex and strip club tour, you get the unique opportunity to ask a former sex worker about her experiences. Why did she choose the world’s oldest profession? What’s the most bizarre request she’s ever received from a client? No question is too taboo. Hear fascinating stories you can’t find elsewhere and get an honest view of sex work in Amsterdam up close and personal. 

  • Complete your Amsterdam experience

No visit to Amsterdam is complete without experiencing its famous Red Light District. But there’s so much more beyond window prostitution and sex theaters. Since the ban on red-light district tours in 2021, Tour de BonTon gives you a rare opportunity to peek into what goes on behind the closed doors of a high-end sex and strip club. And the best part? You get to hear personal anecdotes from former sex workers themselves. Discover the ins and outs of Amsterdam’s sex industry in one hour – and leave with unforgettable stories you’ll be dying to tell. 

Are You Ready To Open Your Mind? 

From Wednesday to Sunday, between 12.30 pm and 7.30 pm, Tour de BonTon welcomes you to experience a different side of sex work in Amsterdam. Book your tickets and plan your visit to learn more. A world of secrets awaits you to discover.


Capacity: 20

Time: 60 min

Age: 18+

Price: € 21,- 19,50

60 min