Tour de Bonton: House Rules


01 Tolerant and positive attitude

BonTon expects you to have a tolerant and positive attitude towards the presence of diverse populations, cultures, religions, and genders. This way we keep it cozy and make sure no one feels offended.

02 No drugs

Drugs and narcotics are prohibited at our location. Therefore, make sure you do not bring them with you.

03 No pictures of the ladies

We want to ensure the privacy of our ladies. We, therefore, ask you not to take pictures or videos of them. However, you are allowed to take photos and videos of the building and its surroundings.

04 Do not touch, move or damage property

It is forbidden to take out, move or damage property owned by BonTon. We recommend always keeping a safe distance. This also applies to glassware and bottles. The person stealing them or causing damage will be held responsible by Tour de BonTon and when necessary the local authorities will be called in.


Capacity: 20

Time: 60 min

Age: 18+

Price: € 21,- 19,50

60 min