Red light district museum Amsterdam

Red light district museum Amsterdam

Want to visit a Red light district museum Amsterdam? Is this your first time in Amsterdam? Then there is one thing you cannot skip. Think about an exclusive experience. Something you wouldn’t find anywhere else. This experience really gives you a story to tell when you return back home. Unravel the mysterious side of Amsterdam with a visit to the city’s no.1 boutique strip club. 

Red light district museum: a tour through Stripclub Bonton

Stripclub Bonton is Netherland’s most exclusive Strip Club. And… Amsterdam’s no.1 boutique stripclub is open for tours! The stripclub that can be visit during a unique tour has a great location, namely on the Stadhouderskade 64, in Amsterdam. The venue itself has something magical: it’s an old historic canal house in the middle of the city of Amsterdam. And that’s not the only thing you will observe during this tour.

A magical building from the in- and outside

Stripclub Bonton is the first to give you the opportunity to get a tour during an still operating stripclub, so all you see is real! During the tour you can view the entire building from the inside. You go through all the rooms with a guide. You will learn more about prostitution and how it has changed over the years. And you get the chance to chat with the ladies. And this all in a fun way!

Tour de Bonton

Do you also want to learn about the world’s oldest profession in a fun way? Book your excursions at You can book for yourself, but you can also book as a group! It is possible to book a tour from Monday till Sunday from 10.30 untill 18.30. Get your tickets online by using the online booking service. We do accept almost all credit and debit cards through our website. It is also possible to give us a call on +31 (0)20 640 45 20.

The benefits of visiting Tour de Bonton in Amsterdam:

  • Experience a unique guided tour through the notorious and well known Strip club
  • Learn about prostitution in Amsterdam and its history
  • Get the chance to start a conversation with our employees, ask questions and experience a day in the life of a working girl.
  •  Get to know the enchanting character of our building.
  • Complete your Amsterdam experience. Have a story to tell when you go back home!
  • Open every day from 10.30 to 18.30
  • Buy your tickets online & skip the line!