Prostitution tour Amsterdam

As known the Red Light District is a very popular attraction in Amsterdam. Fluorescent red lights and women working in front of the windows are characteristic for the Red Light District. Many people are interested in the mysterious sex industry and have many questions about it. However, often you will not be able to talk to a sex worker, let alone ask them questions. Therefore we offer a unique tour where this is possible!

A unique tour in an operating sex club

The Bonton, which has established itself as the no.1 exclusive sex club in Amsterdam, offers this unique tour! With Tour de Bonton you will get a tour in the sex club. The tour brings you to the different rooms of the old canalhouse building.

Prostitution tour Amsterdam with Q&A

During the tour you will learn a lot about prostitution in Amsterdam and you get an insight into the working methods of the ladies. You get the chance to ask all the questions you always had. The stories told during the tour are personal stories. Also they are partially based on real experiences off the tour guides themselves.

Book the tour online

Interested in a look-behind-the-scences and getting to know more about the sex worker industry? Book your tour here online! Already want to read a story from a sex worker? Click here to read it.

The benefits of visiting Tour de Bonton in Amsterdam:

  • A guided tour through a real stripclub
  • Unique tour guide: an ex-sexworker
  • A story to tell about your trip to Amsterdam with a tour of its oldest and most famous sex club
  • A journey through all the rooms in the building, even the VIP rooms, changing rooms, and bathrooms!
  • Asking some questions about a day in the life of a working girl and have all your burning concerns addressed
  • Learn about prostitution in Amsterdam and its history
  • Get to know the enchanting character of our building