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Recently I posted a short story on my Instagram about my experience as a sex worker. To my surprise, I received quite a few positive reactions from women, who indicated that they also worked as sex workers and did not look back on it negatively.

It was not the first time that I told about my past through my own platform. But I notice that more and more women are responding. Some even dare to speak out more and more towards me. It feels like they are happy that there is someone they can tell their story to.

During the private conversations I have with these ladies, I often realize how a shame it is that they don’t dare to speak out freely.

While they say they don’t regret anything. In a few, the partner, parent or another close person is aware, but in the majority not.

Recently I was approached on Instagram by two young ladies who have started a High Class Escort Agency. They had never worked in the sex industry themselves, but starting an agency was a dream they wanted to realize. However, this turned out to be more difficult than expected. Because the ladies themselves had never been in the ‘business’, there were still many unanswered questions about the experiences and perception of the sex workers themselves.

The two ladies have been looking for a – former – escort or sex worker who wanted to talk to them for a long time, but that turned out not to be so easy. The reason for this is that many women simply do not dare to admit it.

Due to the stigma surrounding the profession, due to various factors, it is difficult for women to talk about this with others.

The fear of not being taken seriously, being looked at strangely or being judged is great. So they were very happy when they found me.

After conversation I can only conclude that there will always be women who are attracted to this exciting and mysterious world. You don’t necessarily have to be a sex worker for that.
Soon the ladies will visit Tour de BonTon with their escort ladies. So that I can tell them more about my own experiences as a former sex worker. That’s the beauty of Tour de BonTon and the transparency we provide; the tour is suitable for everyone.



Meet Jennifer! The lady behind the blogs of Tour de Bon Ton. Jennifer worked part-time in the industry for eight years. In these blogs, she shares her experiences as a sex worker.

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