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My girlfriend and I were invited by a good friend of mine to a party at a motorcycle club. It would be a big party to which a number of escort ladies were invited.

If you are invited to a party as an escort, you first want to know everything about such a party. Because in addition to having fun, you also go there to earn money. So my girlfriend and I first questioned him extensively. Then we came to the conclusion that we would have a great evening.

On the night of the party we had on our sexy short dresses and high heels. As always, from head to toe. That friend of mine picked us up and we drove to some motorcycle club out of town. When he got there, he walked right in. Diane and I wanted to update our makeup, because of course we wanted to make an entrance. It was a hot day so we left our coats in the car. We opened the door and walked in, it was like a needle going over a record.

There were about only 10 people inside both women and men in jeans, all of whom were staring at us. Those two girls in their way too short dresses with high heels.

“OH SHIT” said Diane

“WHAT ARE WE DOING, WHAT ARE WE DOING” she hissed at me.

“TOILET TOILET TOILET” I whispered back.

We were still standing in the doorway and luckily the toilet was right next to the entrance. We held each other and stumbled into the toilet. She looked at me in shock because yes, we were severely overdressed. These were not our type of customers and certainly not a place we would normally go to.

“Now what?” she asked me. “Because I really don’t go out like that.” Pislink I called that friend of mine that he had to come to the toilet.

“Couldn’t you have warned us?” I yelled at him as he entered the toilet. He wasn’t aware of any harm. “Huh, you look beautiful, don’t you?!” he said.

Our luck was that my girlfriend always took her sneakers with me and I had extra clothes with me, because I stayed overnight with that friend of mine. He walked to the car to get our things for us. We dressed less conspicuously and then walked into the bar. Later in the evening it did get busier but it was not what we expected.

In the end we did have a pleasant evening, but we felt so embarrassed upon entering.

We can still laugh about it to this day.

Love, Jennifer



Meet Jennifer! The lady behind the blogs of Tour de Bon Ton. Jennifer worked part-time in the industry for eight years. In these blogs, she shares her experiences as a sex worker.

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