Brothel Amsterdam

Brothel Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam? Then you will certainly visit the Red Light District of Amsterdam. This area is worldwide famous for the many red light windows. The Red Light District is easily reached because its in the city center of Amsterdam, in the old part of the city. But… there is a better way to learn more about what Amsterdam is famous for.

Brothel Amsterdam: A safe experience you would not forget.

Do you want to discover more about prostitution in Amsterdam? You will get to know more in our guided tour through a real brother! Stripclub Bonton is a brothel in Amsterdam in the nighttime. But… during the day you can come by for a guided tour through the notorious building!

Tour de Bonton: ex-sexworker guide

Take a look inside the brothel, see all rooms and discover the secret behind prostitution in Amsterdam, its history and last but definitely not least: have a Q&A with an ex-sexworker. Ask anything you want to know from an ex-sexworker and get the real story!

Book your Brothel Amsterdam tour online

Get your tickets online by using the online booking service. It is possible to book a tour from Monday till Sunday from 11.00 until 17.00. We do accept almost all credit and debit cards through our website.

The benefits of visiting Tour de Bonton in Amsterdam:

  • Experience a unique guided tour through the notorious and well known Strip club
  • Learn about prostitution in Amsterdam and its history
  • Get the chance to start a conversation with our employees, ask questions and experience a day in the life of a working girl.
  •  Get to know the enchanting character of our building.
  • Complete your Amsterdam experience. Have a story to tell when you go back home!
  • Open every day from 10.30 to 18.30
  • Buy your tickets online & skip the line!