A look behind-the-scenes

Welcome to the blog of Tour de Bon Ton!

At Tour de Bon Ton, we offer a look behind-the-scenes of a operating sex club. During the tour we walk through the building, while we tell more about prostitution in Amsterdam. We also provide insight into the working methods of the ladies while showcasing the various rooms.

The stories told during the tour are personal stories and partially based on real experiences off the tour guides. At Tour de Bon Ton we offer complete transparency. Therefor our visitors are given ample opportunities to ask questions.

Every guests that visits Tour de Bon Ton has their own idea of what a sex worker is. We also notice that in the questions that are asked. Our visitors are very surprised when they learn it can be different than they originally thought.

When one thinks of a sex worker, it is automatically assumed that you have been forced into the world. Or that you as a sex worker have no rights. That you have to do everything the customer wants. That you cannot think for yourself or to care.

That’s actually everything I do not recognize as a former sex worker. Not with myself nor with the girls I worked with back then. It was quite the opposite! And believe me,sure it is the sex industry but you will be surprised how little sex you actually have or how short the sex part can be 😉 That is why I decided to work at Tour de Bon Ton and tell my story. So that we can highlight the other side of this mysterious world.

I have worked in the sex industry for 8 years. In those years I worked for a high-class escort agency and at various luxury sex clubs in the Netherlands. But mainly at Club LV. I stepped into the industry because the escort world intrigued me enormously. Next time I’ll tell you how it all got started.

For me sex work meant adventure, excitement, fun, family and being in control.


because you experience the most crazy, weird, bizarre, fun things


because sex work is exciting


us girls laughed so much together! Best moments were in the dressing room when all stories were shared. Or when we all danced together in the bar!


the girls and Club LV employees felt like family. After all, you see each other very often and experience special adventures together.

In control:

as a sex worker I was very in control. For me it was acting and the role I played depended on the client I was with. As soon as I was with my client, I determined what happened in the room. I used my sensuality to controle that. And I felt very confident in doing so..

Was it all roses and moonshine? No definitely not! Were there difficult moments? For sure! Were there any scary moments? YES!! Do you need a strong personality? Oh hell yes! But it was a great adventure that has been a big part of my life.

Everyone in my life knows that I have been in this world. My mother, daughter, my husband, girlfriends. At least all the people who are important to me. It is something I am not ashamed off so don’t want to lie about. It is a world that I consciously stepped into and look back on without regrets and with a smile.

On this blog we will will share fun, crazy, exciting, sad, scary and luxurious adventures with you. It was quite a ride!

Love, Jennifer