Amsterdam tourist attractions

Amsterdam is the perfect city for a city trip. Go on a canal tour, visit one of the many museums or choose another activity that fits perfectly with your visit to Amsterdam … Looking for a unique activity in Amsterdam that fits the character of the city? Then read on!

Amsterdam tourist attractions

Looking for the perfect attraction when in Amsterdam? Stop searching. We got something for you that really gives you a story to tell when you go back home. The attraction is called: “Tour de Bonton” and gives you an insight right inside of a strip club in Amsterdam. The tour is in daytime and gives you a idea how an strip club looks like from the inside.

Amsterdam tourist attractions: visiting a strip club in a safe setting

Have you always wanted to know what a strip club looks like on the inside? And have you always wanted to hear from an experienced employee how things are going inside? You now have the unique opportunity to see Amsterdam’s most popular strip club from the inside and ask all your pressing questions!

Amsterdam tourist attractions: complete your Amsterdam experience

Do not miss on this super fun attraction when you are in Amsterdam. Book your tickets online and safe up to 20%.

Book this unique attraction in Amsterdam and enjoy:

  • A guided tour through a real stripclub
  • Unique tour guide: an ex-sexworker
  • A story to tell about your trip to Amsterdam with a tour of its oldest and most famous sex club
  • A journey through all the rooms in the building, even the VIP rooms, changing rooms, and bathrooms!
  • Asking some questions about a day in the life of a working girl and have all your burning concerns addressed
  • Learn about prostitution in Amsterdam and its history
  • Get to know the enchanting character of our building.