red light district tour

Discover Amsterdam’s best kept secret

Enjoy a tour through the notorious and well known sex- and stripclub Bonton guided by a real sex worker. Learn more about prostitution in Amsterdam and its history. And last but not least… have a chat with with our girls.

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Tour Features \

01 \ Learn about the world’s oldest profession

Tour de Bonton will give you a greater understanding of the history behind the world’s oldest profession and its development through the ages.

02 \ Get to know the building

Our building has an enchanting character. Tour de Bonton takes you along all the rooms in the building, such as vip rooms, changing rooms and even bathrooms!

03 \ Talk to real employees

Get the chance to start a conversation with our employees, ask questions and experience a
day in the life of a working girl.

04 \ Complete your Amsterdam experience!

Enjoy one of Amsterdam’s unique attractions and you certainly have a story to tell when you
go back home!

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Tour de BonTonPrice € 15,-€ 20

Tour de Bonton Price € 15,-€ 20

As known, Amsterdam is famour for its iconic Red Light District which is visited by millions of tourists each year. The Bonton, which has established itself as the no.1 exclusive sexclub in Amsterdam, is at the very heart of it. Tour de Bonton therefore is one of Amsterdam’s unique attractions. It is a place where you can learn all about the history of the building and prostitution and its development through the ages. The tour also brings you to the different rooms and you will get the chance to start a conversation with real employees. Book your visit to the Bonton now and complete your Amsterdam experience!

Time: 60 min
Age: 18+
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About BonTon \

A glimpse into the Bonton

The Bonton is located in an old building, right in the middle of the city center. Its four floors contain a bar, strip area and different rooms. Tour de Bonton aims to educate the public about the history of the building and the world’s oldest profession, but it does so in a fun way.

Very unique experience

“A beautiful experience of this side of Amsterdam. A must for tourists AND every Dutch citizen!”


Enjoyed this tour

“I truly enjoyed this tour and the chance to do! I learned so much and can’t wait to share it!”


Great to see!

“Fascinating, especially talking with the girls. Their answers were detailed and delivered in such an animated way.”

MirelSan Francisco/USA

Rules \

01 \ Tolerant and positive attitude

Tour de Bonton will give you a greater understanding of the history behind the world’s oldest profession and its development through the ages.

02 \ No drugs

It is not permitted to have drugs present in de Bonton.

03 \ No pictures of our girls

Taking pictures of our girls is prohibited. It is allowed to make pictures of the building and the surroundings.

04 \ Prohibited from taking property

You are prohibited from taking property of the Bonton outside, or from moving or damaging it. This also applies to glasses and bottles. Any person causing damage is responsible for that damage.

F.A.Q. \ Frequently Asked Questions

You can go on a tour with anywhere between 1 and 20 people.

You can book a tour from monday till sunday from 11.00 untill 17.00

Tickets are available both online and at the door. We urge you to buy tickets online, so we can prevent long queues at the entrance.

Using the online booking service or by calling us on +31 6 47 21 52 53

We accept almost all credit and debit cards through our website.